Pay at the pump with your cell phone with Speedpass+

It's the app that pays for gas.

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What Is Speedpass?

  • Finds every participating Exxon or Mobil station near you.

  • Safely encrypts your ExxonMobil Consumer Credit Card payment info.

  • It's faster than a credit card.

  • Earn rewards for your gas and car wash purchases at the pump.

Screenshots of Speedpass+ app showing gas station locator, opening screen, and mobile payment checkout screen

How It Works

  • 1.

    Find a Station

  • 2.

    Authorize Pump

  • 3.

    Start Fueling

Earn Rewards

With the Speedpass app

Earn a $30 credit when you get the ExxonMobil Smart Card

  • Receive a $30 credit when you purchase 100 gallons within the first 2 months after opening an account.

    Limited time offer. Apply by 09/30/2014. New accounts only.

  • Plus ongoing rebates of 6¢/gallon.

    Purchase a minimum of 45 gallons of Exxon or Mobil branded fuel in a month. Rebates apply from the first gallon up to 100 gallons every qualifying month.

Apply for an ExxonMobil gas credit card

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the Speedpass+ app?

It’s easy. Launch the Speedpass+ app. Select “Speedpass+” and find your pump number. Select the one that corresponds to your pump, and authorize the transaction.

How does the Speedpass+ app know my location?

ExxonMobil takes privacy very seriously, so your location will never be used without your permission. The Speedpass+ app obtains your location from your mobile phone through its geolocation feature. If your location-based services are turned on, the Speedpass+ app will be able to use it to identify which station you are at. If your location-based services are turned off, or there is interference, you will be directed to scan the QR code.

What if the app doesn’t recognize my location?

No worries. The Speedpass+ app will direct you to scan the QR code on the pump and register it that way.

How do I scan the QR code?

When you are directed to “scan the QR code,” your phone’s camera will open automatically in the Speedpass+ app. Hold your phone two inches away from the pump, and center the QR code (looks like a pixilated square) on your screen. The app will scan the code once it’s in view.

How do I select my grade of fuel?

Select as you normally would at the pump.

Where is my receipt?

In the Settings tab, you can select how you’d like to receive your receipt. You can choose to receive receipts through email, at the pump, both, or not at all. Whichever option you choose, a history of your transactions is available in the receipt section. Historical receipts can be viewed, printed from an iPhone, forwarded via email, or deleted from memory.

Can I access the Speedpass+ app with my phone number like other ExxonMobil loyalty programs?

No. The Speedpass+ app does not use your phone number.

What types of phones run the Speedpass+ app?

The Speedpass+ app is available in the App Store for iPhone 4/4s/5/5c/5s and in Google Play for phones running Android OS 2.3.3+ and higher.

How do I add my ExxonMobil Consumer Credit Card?

Launch the Speedpass+ app. Select Settings, then Credit Cards. Enter your ExxonMobil Consumer Credit Card information.

What if I don't have an ExxonMobil Consumer Credit Card to link to the Speedpass+ app?

Please go to to learn how to apply for an ExxonMobil Consumer Credit Card.

Which credit cards will the Speedpass+ app accept?

At this time, the Speedpass+ app accepts ExxonMobil Private Label and Smart Cards.

I already have a Speedpass+ account but now want to switch my credit card payment type (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) to my existing or new ExxonMobil Consumer Credit Card. How do I do this?

Open the app. Go to Settings. Go to Credit Cards. Click "Add Another". Enter in your credit card info, then click "Add Card" to finish the switch.

What if I signed up for the Speedpass+ app using another credit card prior to November 14, 2013?

If you signed up for the Speedpass+ app using another credit card prior to November 14, 2013, you'll continue earning 5 reward points for every $1 spent on fuel and/or car washes, until December 16, 2013, when you will need to switch to an ExxonMobil Consumer Credit Card to continue using the Speedpass+ app.

I had signed up for the Speedpass+ app using another credit card prior to December 16, 2013. I can't see my card in the payment section any longer. What has changed?

Effective December 16, 2013, the Speedpass+ app only allows for linked ExxonMobil Consumer Credit Cards for mobile payments. We have removed all non-ExxonMobil Consumer Credit Card information from users' profiles as these payment types can no longer be used with the Speedpass+ app.

How secure is the app?

The Speedpass+ app has the same security standards as required of banks, so your data is kept private and secure. The initial setup process also has built-in customer authentication steps to confirm the validity of the customer and credit card.

What happens if my phone is lost or stolen?

We sure hope you don’t lose your phone. But just in case, we recommend adding an extra layer of security to the Speedpass+ app by enabling a PIN number.

How is my credit card information stored on the Speedpass+ app?

All information is stored in a secure environment.

Is it safe to use my cell phone at a gas pump?

Independent research shows that smartphone technology can be used safely for pump payment. This, of course, requires safe behavior to avoid distraction.

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Gas station safety tips


Never use your cell phone when driving, or talk on the phone with others when they are driving. Please use your phone responsibly.

Make sure your car is parked safely and shut off before using your phone.

Don't use your phone when walking across the station. There are cars and people moving here, and we don’t want you to run into either.

Remain alert and aware of your surroundings. This can prevent all kinds of mishaps, whether you're using your phone here, or somewhere else.

Don't use your phone while standing in the vehicle lane. It’s for vehicles, and we want you to be safe.